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Teaching parents and students the tools needed to succeed.

Empower parents with support and resources to unlock their teaching capabilities.

Allow students to express themselves and have their voice heard. 


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Here at NM Homeschool we believe in empowering ALL students to be independent learners by creating a more personalized learning experience. The learning experience is more than just adapting work for our students. It is about the parents (me, you, we) learning to allow our students to create this experience for themselves.

Whether they are in kindergarten or in high school, students can learn to create an

experience that will promote an independent way of thinking as well as an engagement

in learning which will serve them well in any endeavor they choose.

We want to rid society's stigma of homeschooled children, and the stigma that teaching our

children at home is less effective than a traditional school room. We are able to empower our 

children with a sense of independent thinking that is not influenced by any factors but the outcome.

Our children are not faced with the burdens of being popular, trying to fit in, being picked on and when

all of these factors are removed, the equation is able to become much clearer

                   Students need to be able to decipher meaning from written text across all subjects, in various types of formats, on different devices, and throughout all parts of their day. Regardless of when or how students come across information, it should be in a format that allows for the best cognitive experience. We are living in a world full of technological advancements and achievements and this world understands that every person is unique and in that uniqueness comes the unique way each has when it comes to learning new material.


      Let us help you find the best way to teach your child so that school time becomes a time of engagement, wonderment, and fun. There is nothing more fulfilling than watching your child light up when they learn something new on their own.

Student-Centered Learning

My name is Deseray or better known to most of the students who access our resources, "Bella's Mom" and I am a firm believer in the power of education and knowledge. I believe that it is within the structure of education we can change the world. New Mexico Homeschool is growing everyday and it will stand on the foundation of this very belief. 

I have high hopes in our program because I built it based on a learning structure that puts students in the driver's seat of their own education.  I have built my programs based on the importance of inclusion and the celebration of differences within the students as well as the parents.

Meet the Program Director

The 21st century has ushered in so many changes and one of these is the way we educate our children.  This generation is different and so our education methods must be as well, I design all of my daughter's curriculum using a student-centered approach that takes into consideration who she is as an individual. 

I invite you to take a moment and explore our website and if you have any questions feel free to reach out.

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Bringing a learning community to life

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Become a member today of so much more than simply school. We are a community of learners who all have one common goal and that is to make sure our children are receiving the best education available.

Homeschooling is no longer a journey that anyone has to make alone, you become part of a network, a support group of other families who have gone or are going through what you may be and we are here to offer encouragement, advice and help one another move forward. Inclusiveness is a learned, taught and practiced idea here at New Mexico Homeschool. There is no wrong question and we celebrate the differences which exist in our children and one another.

What is a learning community?

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                                        An tale of inspiration

Student-centered learning moves students from passive receivers of information to active participants in their own discovery process.

The focus?

What students learn, how they learn it and how their learning is assessed and All three are driven by each individual student’s needs and abilities.

There are two levels to educating with this method and the first occurs at the level of administration where new curriculum planning and assessment methods that support the student centric approach must be developed.

The second level is in the classroom where teachers become artists and craft instruction which applies technology in a way that best suits each individual student. 

Technology use is always guided by two primary criteria:

  1. What’s appropriate for the task at hand?

  2. How can activities be designed to develop higher-order thinking skills?

When students take ownership of their education they are like explorers capable of anything. This is why NM Homeschool uses the ISTE Standards guide while developing programs, lessons and helping in develop curriculum for other homeschooling parents.

This teaching method designs learning experiences that permit student independence, which is a life long skill needed in order to be successful in adulthood.

However, true student-centered learning requires more than just an increase in technology implementation. It represents a shift in the educational culture toward a system that supports technology for standards-based learning and real-world problem solving. As a system transitions to a student-centered approach, educators can more effectively apply technology to improve learning outcomes and help students develop the skills for college and career readiness.

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