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Here at NM Homeschool we believe in empowering ALL students to be independent learners by creating a more personalized learning experience. The learning experience is more than just adapting work for our students. It is about the parents (me, you, we) learning to allow our students to create this experience for themselves.

Whether they are in kindergarten or in high school, students can learn to create an

experience that will promote an independent way of thinking as well as an engagement

in learning which will serve them well in any endeavor they choose.

We want to rid society's stigma of homeschooled children, and the stigma that teaching our children at home is less effective than a traditional school room. We are able to empower our children with a sense of independent thinking that is not influenced by any factors but the outcome.  Our children are not faced with the burdens of being popular, trying to fit in, being picked on and when all of these factors are removed, the equation is able to become much clearer

 Students need to be able to decipher meaning from written text across all subjects, in various types of formats, on different devices, and throughout all parts of their day. Regardless of when or how students come across information, it should be in a format that allows for the best cognitive experience. We are living in a world full of technological advancements and achievements and this world understands that every person is unique and in that uniqueness comes the unique way each has when it comes to learning new material.


      Let us help you find the best way to teach your child so that school time becomes a time of engagement, wonderment, and fun. There is nothing more fulfilling than watching your child light up when they learn something new on their own.


Don't  Just



We make our 

dreams come true

Teaching parents and students the tools needed to succeed.

Empower parents with support and resources to unlock their teaching capabilities.

Allow students to express themselves and have their voice heard. 

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