Keyboard and Mouse

Here at New Mexico homeschool, we understand the importance of education.  We provide several services to parents. 

  • ged prep

  • ged testing

  • career counseling

  • college applications

  • financial aid counseling

  • resumes

  • interview skills

  • computer literacy courses

  • microsoft courses

  • computer coding

Success Begins with You

Parent University

"Don't let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game"

I get so many messages from parents curious about our program and how it works. The conversations always comes down to the parent stating they are nervous to homeschool because of what they don't know. 

I tell them we are here to help. We offer trainings to unlock the potential all parents hold as educators. Education should not stop with our children, professional development and always striving to improve who we are for a better tomorrow is a goal that we promote within our virtual walls.