How it Works

We have no hidden agenda. we are not trying to get rich. what we are trying to do is make sure families are able to access educational resources, no matter their income, or location. The state may rank low when it comes to education but that doesn't mean our children have to be a part of that statistic.

Homeschool opens a door to a whole new world of educational opportunities. the public education system kept our children's minds confined and Bound within the walls of a curriculum that has a 33% graduation rate and has put our state last when it comes to education.

You are the designer-
you decide-
you are the artist-

success is what you want it to be, and my success is your achievement. Your child's success is your achievement. 


To me it isn't enough to simply educate our children, I want to make sure parents are receiving the help they may need to resources that are out there. When you become your child's educator, it changes the playing field. Where your knowledge ends may be the ceiling you are unwittingly putting in place for your child. 

I want to make sure that you are learning right along with your child, I have the tools to unlock your teaching potential. We live in a day and age where the sky is the limit. 

the lessons I use to teach or created using the 21st-century learning design and created to keep our children in the driver seat of their education. when you allow your child a voice in the outcome of their future it teaches them responsibility, consequence, rewards......Complete a personalized program packet for your child today.


Learning with NM Homeschool

New Mexico Homeschool is a resource center. The main goal of the program will always be to ensure students have the access to top quality education, no matter their family background, location, financial status, etc.  We are not in competition with the public school system. Education should not be a competition, we are all after the same outcome----  to ensure our children are receiving the best education.
  We are currently 25 members strong. You can decide how active you become in our group, we share resources with one another, help plan curriculum, teach online/courses etc.  We sell lesson plans, full workbooks, etc for a donation cost to help finance our program. Many of our family members live in rural areas and have no access to internet, or libraries. Our goal is to provide resources to families who need them.