Reading the Paper

Fall is creeping.....

Summer has been a blast, and the enrichment program was a complete success. We have one camping trip left and the kids are super excited. I wanted to share our numbers.

        4 Homeschooling families participated and 5 families who are not homeschooled registered.  The kids finished the duck's water filtration system and it is pretty amazing.



In case you haven't heard, our very own Deseray was approved for a grant.  Grant writing is no joke guys and we all know she worked hard and we are so proud. The grant will be able to supply our group with some educational materials for the coming year. A budget will be created at the next board meeting.  If you are in need of something specific for your child please email Deseray or Adelle ASAP. She has also officially been named the home, school liaison for Northern New Mexico. 




Our First Grant

We received notice that a grant has been approved for New Mexico Homeschool  Network. The grant was written by our very own Deseray Johnson. The board will create a spending plan at the next board meeting. Deseray is extremely excited to announce that the grant has motivated her to apply and try to get our group more funding. This fall we are going to become aggressive when it comes to fundraising, our goal is for each of our students to have their STEM science kits and the chemistry set we want for science.

It is important that we not settle when it comes to the education of our children. What we allow is what continues. This grant is only the beginning. It is important for us to remember that we are not in COMPETITION with the public school system or another homeschool group, we want our children to receive an education that will help them succeed in life. This is where our focus must remain.

                                                     Deseray Johnson